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We all love our new carpets ... but what happens when they get dirty?


If you’re like me you were probably not told how to correctly look after your carpets from new, and it certainly wasn’t explained to me that the special anti-stain protector I paid extra for, can wear off within a year with normal family use!

I had heard all the old wife’s tales about carpet cleaning, that it can leave your carpets wet for days and can re-soil quicker, but after further research, I discovered these were all just myths! In fact your carpets help to clean the air in your home, by filtering out airborne particles, and holding them in the carpet. As your vacuum cleaner is unable to remove all of these pollutants, your carpets need to be professionally cleaned at least once a year and of course you’ll need to have the protective treatment re-applied annually to help keep them looking great!

This all sound a hard task doesn’t it?


Well, not really;  I’ve found the ‘perfect’ solution to keep all your carpets, rugs
& upholstery looking cleaner and your home healthier … all year round! It’s called 

‘The Perfect Care’ Maintenance Plan


by the ALLTEC SelectTeam, a national network of professional carpet cleaners and it will give you peace of mind that your items are clean and safe for your family to play on while your investment will be kept looking like new for longer!


You can press 'PLAY' to hear me tell you more about the Perfect Care’ Maintenance Plan



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