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Imagine having your carpets cleaned & dried within 30 mins!




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FREE Carpet Cleaning For Schools, Colleges & Universities





My carpet cleaning system is so superior … I’m willing to give you a ‘Free-Trial’ of my cleaning on your dirtiest, grubbiest carpets!

But hurry the offer is only valid until 23rd Dec 2009!



It’s that time of year again… the students have been in for just one term and already they’ll be leaving behind some clean, some dirty, some really dirty carpets!!!


Where does this leave you?


So, you have sorted out the cleaning contract and the window cleaner has been put on high alert, your maintenance company has a snag list as long as your arm BUT, wait a moment! What about the carpets! Have you given any thoughts to the thorough cleaning of your carpets?


“Sorry … we have our own machine and our staff
do it when they need cleaning!”


You know, I hear this sooooo many times, and it’s great that you have given thought to the cleaning of your carpets, you either have a ‘walk behind’ cleaner or a ‘portable’ cleaner – both acceptable machines if used correctly to clean the odd room or two.   These machines are not designed to cover large areas quickly … so could they even clean all your carpets?


Also, I bet your Staff already has enough to do!


Your staff will have loads of jobs to do during the busy holiday season, do they have enough time to clean ALL your carpets, restoring them to an as near new condition?  Your students will be expecting high standards and the last thing you will want is angry parents banging on the reception counter complaining about the condition of the carpets at your establishment!


So, where’s this going… well, I’m a Carpet Cleaner and a very good one, if I may say so. I’m going to make you an irresistible offer…  I want to clean your carpets… all your carpets… But I can appreciate that can seem very daunting on top of getting everything else done as well.  So here’s what I am going to do for you…



I am going to give you ONE room
of ‘ECO’ carpet cleaning ABSOLUTELY FREE!


That’s right, no charge.  Why?  Because I want you to see for yourself what difference a local professional carpet-cleaning company using eco-friendly products can make to the condition of your carpets.


Now, just because it’s a free room of carpet cleaning don’t think for one second that I will be cutting corners, that couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact, I only have one standard of cleaning – DEEP, THOUROUGH & EXHAUSTIVE so if you decide to take me up on this IRRISISTABLE OFFER then do me a favour, make it your dirtiest, most trashed and disgusting carpet you have. 


I’m So Confident I Can Make A Major Difference To Your In-House Cleaners – I’ll Even Challenge You To A Carpet Cleaning Competition!


As well as cleaning your dirtiest carpet … I’ll even make a carpet your own cleaners have already cleaned look cleaner!!   You can get your staff to clean the carpet first, they can take as long and they like, use any product they like and clean it as many times as they like … I will then clean it afterwards WITH MY ECO PRODUCTS and make the carpet look even cleaner! 


Then I will show you exactly how much more soil, pollutants, allergens, crud, creatures and down right nasty stuff I can remove from your ‘cleaned’ carpets.  I will do this by emptying my machine after the cleaning process and showing you how dirty the water is.


Plus remember I’ll be using Eco-Friendly products … with no detergents and re-soiling!


If you’re not impressed with the work I do then I will pack up and push off, never to be heard from again!  I am confident that you will be amazed at the difference.  So much so that I will do the TWO demonstrations FREE OF CHARGE.  In return all I ask for is the opportunity to work for you in the future,


All you have to do to take me up on this offer is to call my office on 0800 695 695 6  before the 23rd Dec 2009 and make an appointment for me to visit and assess the cleaning requirements for your FREE room.  We can then book a date for me to carry out your FREE ROOM OF CARPET CLEANING.  If you want, I’ll do it  during the holidays


“You must be crazy to give away FREE Cleaning…?”


Well, of course we’d be crazy to give FREE cleaning away if we were just regular cleaners.  You see we clean carpets six days a week, every week, so now we are good at it, that’s why I am making you this special offer!   I know once you have seen the difference I can make to your carpets for yourself you’ll book my company to do more cleaning.   I have been doing this enough years that I’m willing to give you a FREE trial of my services.


“But Can You Handle All The Carpet Cleaning…?”


A good question, especially if I were  one guy with a small portable machine. Fortunately, I’m not! I pride myself on running one of the largest carpet cleaning companies in the South and in addition I’m part of a national network of like-minded carpet cleaners.  If need too, I can call upon professional cleaners from around the country to work for me so we can clean all your carpets in just a few days. 


Time Limited Offer… why?


I have put a time limit on this offer.    The offer is open until 23rd Dec 2009.    It’s simply that  I have sent this offer out to a number of organisations like yours and I don’t want to be doing FREE cleaning all through the holidays … so be quick, call us straight away on 0800 695 695 6 to claim your FREE ROOM OF CARPET CLEANING!


Remember, we need your dirtiest, most trashed carpet you can find.  Don’t hesitate, whilst you put this letter in your in-tray, others may be ringing me so call now on before 23rd Dec 2009 on 0800 695 695 6


With thanks


Charles Okwechime

Charles Okwechime – IICRC

Clean Plan Services



PS – I run a local company of professional carpet cleaners using Eco-Friendly products – and I’m willing to challenge you … I’ll even make any carpet, your own cleaners have already cleaned … look cleaner!! Call me on 0800 695 695 6 before 23rd Dec 2009  


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